Life update and who I am: After a much needed few months off to finish my Master of Education, I'm am back! I did get married, for those of you who were taken back by my name. I'm in a transition season so I'm going to keep my same domain for a while but book shows under Jessie Lorenz. If you were looking for Jessie Oliver... it's me! Thank you to everyone for the amazing support and for still listening to my music. I will be playing this summer and continue to as the new school year starts. I'll be a full-time teacher in the Northshore School District and I couldn't be happier. My music has always been created to inspire vulnerability and honesty. I love having the opportunity to share some of my story with you and have a ton of fun doing it. It is my hope that you would be moved by the words and be able to relate in some way. That the songs may respnate with you, challenge you, or that it would just be enjoyable to listen too. We all have a story and everyone's story deserves to be heard. 

"A soul-pop inspirational album of original songs!"

                                                             - Annonymous

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